Designing together with innovators

You found something. An idea to make life better perhaps? That makes me genuinely happy to hear and I’d love to design it together with you.

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Modern coliving – where a smaller space can open up for a bigger life. Designing the brand of K9.

Experience combat sport like a champion. Creating the brand of Smoothcomp – the worlds biggest combat tournament platform.

A fair morgage. Redesigning the brand for Hypoteket.

Finding the right one – offline. Designing the brand of Lemarc Thomas, the global matchmaking agency.

Every year, Lemarc travels the world together with his team to find not only good matches, but great ones.

The Telegraph has described Lemarc Thomas as “The gentle but determined cupid” which I had the great pleasure in designing for when they needed a new brand in 2018.

Caring community and well-being. Designing the brand of Vellby.