Designing for innovators

You found something. An idea to make life better. That makes me genuinely happy to hear - and I’d love to design it with you.

Per Lööv
Per Lööv – Branding & UX

What do you do, how do you do it and why?

Asking “why” does not only start the conversation, it also makes a difference on the motivation and purpose – for your brand and for the whole team behind it.


I’d be happy to lead you through all of this during a branding workshop, where we get to know each other more. We'll talk about your vision, mission, values and audience.

Finally, I'll be confident to design your whole brand from the ground up. Documented and ready to be used.


How would you like it to work?

App, website or a helicopter interface? Together, we explore and test your idea during a workshop.


Then, I will use Figma or Sketch to design and transform your ideas into a clickable UX prototype – documented and ready for frontend implementation by me or anyone else of your choice.

Tools that I'm using

A bunch of values

We all use values when making new decisions. Doesn’t matter if you’re designing a button or helping a stranger. In my mind, it’s all values – created from our past experiences.

So it’s all very subjective, this value thing. Experiencing the world from all perspectives can therefor be essential for making things better. I like to study other designers who I find interesting (like Dieter Rams or Ian Spalter) to see what they advocates for and why. I can then apply this with my own values – which you can read all about here.


Good design is understandable

Being simple and educational when designing, helps us to create products that make sense.


Good design is honest

Being transparent and honest when designing creates better expectations. It help us to create products you can learn to trust.


Good design has a purpose

Knowing the purpose and designing for that, helps us to create useful products that can solve problems.


Good design is conscious

Being aware of our surroundings and past histories, helps us to create products that are more adaptable – both socially and environmentally.


Good design is innovative

Looking beyond ourself and explore new possibilities, helps us to create products that can exceed past designs.


Based in Sweden