Formtale Per Lööv

Forming your crazy ideas into something crazy real

I'm Per Lööv, product designer here at Formtale. I love to collaborate with people who do great things differently. Most importantly, I focus on designing prototypes, user experiences, value-based brands and copywriting.

I also happen to like technology, psychology, nature and well-being. And the list goes on, but solving real problems with design thinking is what matters the most to me.

What makes a great product design?

Thinking different doesn't mean it's automaticly great. It just happens that great products often happens to be different as well. What we truly value in life will also form our products. That's why it's good to ask ourselves what we value and why. Here's what I value today.


Being conscious

Being aware of our surroundings, past history and ourself, helps us to design products that are more adaptable and less intrusive. Both psychologically, socially and environmentally.


Being understandable

Being simple and educational when designing, helps us to create products that make sense and is easy to use.


Being honest

Being transparent and honest when designing creates better expectations. It help us to create products you can learn to trust.


Having a purpose

Knowing the purpose and designing for that, helps us to create products that can solve the right problems.


Being inclusive

Having a collaborative and inclusive approach helps us to design products that works for as many people as possible.


Being innovative

Looking beyond ourself and what has been done before, makes it easier to exceed past designs.

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Past Experience


Product Designer Formtale

1 year

UX & Branding Designer Pixelstore

5 years

Graphic Designer Graphic Leaf

2 years


Easy-to-handle packaging design Sundsvall Mid University


Guided Conversations Jönköping University


CAD Basic Modelling Jönköping University


Strategic Communication Jönköping University

6 months

Communication Science Jönköping University

1 year

Aesthetics & Media NTI

3 years


Jönköping Sweden

2 years

Stockholm Sweden

2 years

Gothenburg Sweden

3 years

Sundsvall Sweden

18 years